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Petrified Horse Teeth inlaid with Chrysocolla

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Ever wonder what your horse's teeth would look like in a million years? What if you cut them crosswise and inlaid them with Chrysocolla? You'd have something similar to this: an Equus tooth from South Carolina. Available at The Treasure Outpost in Whitefish and online at www.whitefishrockshop.com. $25

Mother's Day Jewelry

Mother's Day is coming right up! Come in to the Treasure Outpost for unique locally-made jewelry with beautiful gemstones at everyday prices. Check out our collection of heart-shaped rocks while you're there. Compliment your gift with a selenite candleholder or an amethyst mister. Open everyday 10-5.

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We love our new kid's section! Break-your-own geodes, tumbled stones, treasure chests, stone animals, crystal grow kits, Melissa and Doug, magnetic rocks, mystery bags, and dinosaur galore: puzzles, stamps, paintable figures, even plush! So come check it out! .....and bring the kids. Open everyday 10-5.

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Petrified Sand Dollar

She is identified by her radial symmetry, as are her cousins the starfish and the sea urchin. Some say she held five white doves inside her, and if she had cracked right in the center, they would have flown away to spread peace around the world. Alas, she turned to stone on a beach in [...]

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Montana Pyrite

Pyrite is fooling around again and this time it's right here in Montana! This stone, which is known for it's "gold" coloring and cubical formation, has taken on a brown disguise. The color is an iron oxide. Cubical pyrite can be found all over northwest Montana. Want to see it up close? We're open 10-5 [...]

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Mexican Fire Opal

Quetzalitzlipyollitli. The "stone of the bird of paradise". Or more commonly...Mexican Fire Opal. A symbol of fervent love for ages, it is reputed to open one's senses to the beauty of Nature. A watery stone raging with fire, this is the perfect pocket companion for an exhilarating hike on a drippy spring day. A jar [...]

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